LillieAnn’s Massage & Skin Care Provides Waxing Services
By: Phineas Gray
Posted on : October 11, 2019  Views : 70

LillieAnn’s Massage & Skin Care is pleased to announce it now provides a full array of waxing services. Though the company started off small, it now has many dedicated professionals on staff capable of providing quality services to its clients.

Those interested in getting waxing services from LillieAnn’s Massage & Skin Care can receive what they need for every part of their body. This includes waxing for the arms, whether they are seeking full hair removal or only removal of hair from half the arms, back hair removal, chest hair removal, bikini waxes, Brazilian style waxes, chin waxing, eyebrow sculpting with wax, leg hair removal with or without additional bikini waxing, neckline waxing, sideburn waxing, tummy waxing, underarm waxing and upper lip waxing.

All waxing performed by LillieAnn’s Massage and Skin Care is done in a safe and professional environment with services catered to meet the unique needs of every individual. LillieAnn’s Massage and Skin Care reminds its clients waxing has numerous benefits, including lasting longer than shaving, having a smoother feel and having the ability to thin the hair, making it a great option wherever an individual chooses to use it on the body.

To learn more about the waxing services available from LillieAnn’s Massage & Skin Care, contact them online or by phone at 312-243-1940.

About LillieAnn’s Massage & Skin Care: LillieAnn’s Massage & Skin Care is a massage clinic and spa located in Chicago offering a variety of services, including various kinds of massage, skin treatments, waxing and much more. They take great pride in helping their customers look and feel their best.

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