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Decker Construction Installs Video Displays for MetLife Stadium
By: Phineas Gray
Posted on : March 21, 2014   Views : 599

Bradley Beach, New Jersey: Decker Construction is pleased to announce they were the force behind installing the video displays for sports venues in New Jersey, including MetLife Stadium. Located in Rutherford, NJ, MetLife Stadium is the largest stadium in the NFL in terms of permanent seating capacity. Anyone who watched the Super Bowl could not help but notice the 30’ x 118’ HD display/video boards and electronic signs used for advertising. These boards were located in each corner to allow fans to catch every play, regardless of their position in the stadium.

Decker Construction is proud to have installed those video boards without any issues, which made for a pleasurable viewing experience for the fans. The placement, size and quality of these video boards provided constant highlights of the game, as well as real-time statistics. There were also additional boards installed throughout the building to allow viewing, even for those who needed to use the restroom or purchase a snack during the game. In addition to sports venue screens and signage, they install electronic billboards and offer Elliot 26 ton crane rentals. They have more than 50 years of experience in the electrical trade, and their skill is unmatched.

Go online to the Decker Construction website to find out more info about their services or their work at MetLife Stadium or call 1-877-590-1660 to learn more.

About Decker Construction: Decker Construction is a family-owned contracting company for commercial businesses that is located in northern and central New Jersey. The company began with Jerry Decker, Sr. in 1954 when he embarked on a career in the electrical field. After serving in the United States Army during World War I, Jerry came back home, started a family, and introduced his three sons to the electrical trade. The business was incorporated in 1988 under Decker Electric, Inc. and two of his sons, Kim and Kurt, have grown the business into what it is today.

Decker Construction & Electric - Decker Construction & Electric is a digital signage company in New Jersey specializing in various digital signage services and solutions. We offer cutting-edge electronic signage, digital billboards and large scale video boards.