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Enbake Announces Record Employee Growth
By: Phineas Gray
Posted on : November 25, 2014   Views : 1540

Enbake is excited to announce record employee growth. The technology and consulting firm opened in 2007 and specializes in Mobile and Web Application Development. With more than 100 satisfied clients and a growing number of apps and products, Enbake knew the time to expand was now.

Currently, Enbake is growing their mobile development services arm, their business group that focuses on developing mobile applications and games. This department currently has more than 40 mobile apps across both the iOS and android platforms and is looking to increase development capability and at the same time, expand their business, enticing new customers with their talented team and innovative apps.

Enbake is a leading producer of mobile applications, with more than 50 customers in their mobile development wing. Their capabilities in the area are growing and currently include: games, business productivity, social media, communication, NFC, blue tooth and location-based apps.

This increase in business has led to a corresponding increase in employees. Enbake now has a team of 30 individuals across the iOS and android teams. These teams will continue to develop mobile apps but are also adept at cross platform application development with jQuery Mobile, Sencha and Phonegap.

Even with their growing staff and list of clients, Enbake remains true to its mission. They strive to provide offshore web and mobile application development to their clients at the best prices with top. They deliver their products with the belief and thought that \'Quality comes with care\'.

Individuals in need of mobile or web development can check out their growing list of clients and projects to see if Enbake might be a good fit.

About Enbake : Enbake is a leading provider of offshore web and mobile development services, with a focus on iOS and android platforms. Their team is rapidly expanding to provide enhanced services to companies and individuals around the world. They strive to offer high-quality apps at the most affordable prices.

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