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Ceiling Fans for the Summer Months
By: Phineas Gray
Posted on : September 8, 2016   Views : 484

It\'s springtime in Victoria, at long last. And while the lengthy winter months tended to make us feel as if the cool weather was going to stick around forevermore, now is the time to consider how we are going to keep ourselves cool during the heat of the upcoming summer. It is mere months away, after all.

A ceiling fan from Australian Lighting and Fans can help you to cope with the summertime sweats. A ceiling fan can reduce the ambient temperature inside a room by up to four degrees, by simply keeping the air circulating and in motion. Mounted above your bed, our fans provide a simple and effective method of keeping yourself cooled and well-rested, even during the hottest periods.

And far from the noisy eyesores of yesterday, our ceiling fans provide a level of style to accompany their practical usefulness. They fit in to the décor of nearly any home, performing their jobs in near-total silence, while absorbing a minute energy bill allotment. Their elevated position also makes them safer for those of you with pets or small children.

Ceiling fans work wonders alongside an air-conditioning setup, as well. They keep the colder air moving throughout the home, meaning your aircon unit won’t be asked to work quite as hard as it otherwise would. This can keep your energy bill down to a reasonable amount.

Our ceiling fans have one last trick up their sleeves: by mounting one above your kitchen table, you can keep those pesky flies off of your dinnertime creation. The convenience of these units cannot be overstated, and they are ready to go to work for you. Contact Australian Lighting and Fans to get started!


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