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Yellowstone Landscape Celebrates Completion of Student Internship
By: Phineas Gray
Posted on : August 17, 2018   Views : 236

Yellowstone Landscape is pleased to announce one of its interns, Rose, an Auburn University horticulture student, successfully completed the internship position at Yellowstone Landscape’s Port St. Lucie branch. Via the internship, Rose learned more about horticulture and the everyday workings of Yellowstone Landscape.

During the internship, Rose learned a great deal about the inner workings of Yellowstone Landscape. While at Port St. Lucie, she discovered how Yellowstone Landscape operates through management practices, irrigation, fert-chem, maintenance, installation, mechanics, detail and human resources. Learning about each of these allowed Rose to better understand the horticulture industry as a whole, while gaining more insight about the daily workings that make Yellowstone Landscape one of the most successful landscaping providers in the southern United States.

While interning at Port St. Lucie, Rose particularly enjoyed the Intern Symposium. The Intern Symposium is a two-day event at Yellowstone Landscape where the student was able to meet other interns and managers from other Yellowstone branches. She even had the opportunity to sit and speak with the CEO of the company. The Intern Symposium is an excellent learning experience that creates opportunities to learn more about landscaping, while fostering great connections.

Yellowstone Landscaping is one of the most trusted commercial landscaping partners in the southern United States. The company is dedicated to offering a host of horticulture services that help its commercial clients design, install and maintain beautiful, thriving landscapes.

For more information about the company and the services offered, visit the Yellowstone Landscape website or call 877-785-6685.

About Yellowstone Landscape : Yellowstone Landscape is a Florida-based agriculture company that offers an array of landscaping services for commercial entities. The company is one of the fastest growing and most awarded landscaping companies in the southern United States. With more than 1500 clients throughout the southern United States, Yellowstone Landscape has several branches in Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Texas and New Mexico.