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Revolutionary New Company, Mowbot, Introduces Robotic Mower Service
By: Phineas Gray
Posted on : February 14, 2019   Views : 380

The revolutionary new company, Mowbot, is pleased to introduce their new robotic mower service. This service is designed to ensure a healthier, more resilient lawn by using less fertilization and irrigation than the traditional lawn care services most people turn to.

Mowbot eliminates lawn care equipment emissions by using only electric equipment. This equipment is constantly mowing your lawn, enabling homeowners to keep a perfect look and length at all times. Cutting a fraction of an inch at a time not only keeps a lawn healthier, but keeps it from going into shock. This shock can cause serious issues, such as the growth of unwanted weeds, and should be avoided.

Mowbot offers three locations: two in North Carolina and one in Georgia. Their robotic mowers are completely safe. These mowers use sensors to ensure they don’t bump into objects or people while in operation. When picked up, the mower automatically shuts down. Using a call center dedicated to answering any questions, Mowbot will send out professionals any time there are issues with the unit.

For more information on Mowbot or their products, visit them on their website or call 833-669-2681.

About Mowbot : Mowbot is a new company that strives to change the face of landscaping. With their revolutionary electronic mowers, they are dedicated to their mission of completely eliminating fossil fuels from the lawn care industry, reducing carbon emissions, reducing the amount of water used in the industry and improving the health of the planet.