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Work In Progress Acupuncture Studio Opens New Practice
By: Phineas Gray
Posted on : May 13, 2019   Views : 160

Work In Progress Acupuncture Studio proudly announces the launch of its new website and two office locations, bringing comprehensive Eastern medical care to New York City.

By using time-tested ancient practices tailored to the modern urbanite, Work In Progress Acupuncture Studio offers holistic healthcare through lifestyle and nutritional support, acupuncture, cupping, massage therapy, herbal medicine and vibroacoustic therapy. The practice is comprised of a team of board certified specialists who treat a wide range of health issues including anxiety and stress, fertility, digestion and musculoskeletal pain.

In a fast-paced city that is constantly on the move, the concept of self-care and patient-care is often kicked to the curb. Work In Progress Acupuncture Studio strives to redefine healthcare by placing priority on taking the time to get to know the patient. While many practices see as many patients as possible in an hour, an initial appointment at this practice includes 90 minutes of one-on-one time with an Eastern medicine specialist. After getting to know the patient’s lifestyle and health concerns, an individualized treatment plan is prescribed and performed. The patient is encouraged to relax with the scent of therapeutic essential oils and an immersive meditative soundscape.

“We are all a work in progress, as we journey through life to attain our goals of health and happiness. Just as in life, the human body is always in a state of dynamic transformation, striving to reach balance and harmony as we react to changes from moment to moment,” said founder and Clinical Director, Dr. Erin Lee, DACM. “It is our goal to help patients navigate this journey to reach optimal physical, emotional and spiritual health through a holistic Eastern medical approach.”

Work In Progress Acupuncture Studio has two locations in Midtown and Flatiron offering availability 7 days a week. And for those who don’t have time to leave the office, the practice offers on-site acupuncture and massage through their Corporate Wellness Program, which allows busy professionals to fit self-care and wellness into their work day.

The practice accepts out-of-network insurance for most major medical insurance companies. Insurance benefits can be verified conveniently on their website.

For more information about the practice and its services, visit the Work In Progress Acupuncture Studio website at workinprogressacu.com or call 1-212-547-9477.

About Work In Progress Acupuncture Studio: Work In Progress Acupuncture Studio is a comprehensive holistic healthcare studio offering traditional Eastern medicine in a modern urban setting. Along with personalized care that honors the needs of each individual, the practice believes in the importance of educating patients in prevention and self-care to empower them on their journey to health and wellness.



Company : Work In Progress Acupuncture Studio

Contact No : (212)547-9477

Contact Email:hello@workinprogressacu.com

Address :1201 Broadway, Suite 1003, New York City, NY 10001