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Chicago Dental Solutions Offers Services to Improve the Oral Health Needs of Their Patients
By: Phineas Gray
Posted on : May 14, 2019   Views : 164

Chicago, Illinois : The team at Chicago Dental Solutions is proud to offer their patients a full array of dental services to help reach and maintain the oral health they strive for. These services include both general dentistry and cosmetic treatments that not only provide overall dental health, but aid with keeping smiles looking their best.

Chicago Dental Solutions features prosthodontists who specialize in the reconstruction of the mouth. They also provide services, such as porcelain veneers, crowns, bridges, dental implants and dentures. While offering these cosmetic dental services, general dentistry specialists are also part of the staff at Chicago Dental Solutions to provide those in need of regular oral health care with the services they seek.

At Chicago Dental Solutions, they care about their patients and their oral health needs. Their services, such as dental implants, can be used to not only solve issues causing pain or discomfort to the mouth, but to make smiles look their best once again. Their courteous, friendly staff is always on hand to help make any experience with their clinic a beneficial one.

For more information on Chicago Dental Solutions and the services they provide, visit their website or call 312-649-5980.

About Chicago Dental Solutions: Chicago Dental Solutions is a full-service dental clinic offering all the services patients seek. Their highly trained staff has the ability to offer both cosmetic and general dentistry options to their patients.

Company: Chicago Dental Solutions
Address: 845 N Michigan Ave. Suite 945W
City: Chicago
State: Illinois
Zip Code: 60611
Telephone number: 1-312-649-5980

Chicago Dental Solutions is a multi-specialty dental practice that is committed to the bright and healthy smiles and has three accessible locations in the Chicago, Illinois area.