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The Turning 65 Advisor Hosts a Medicare Educational Seminar
By: Phineas Gray
Posted on : October 3, 2019   Views : 105

The Turning 65 Advisor is excited to announce they will be hosting another Medicare educational seminar. They host these seminars on a monthly basis and hope current and future clients will be able to attend.

The Turning 65 Advisor includes dinner for the clients who attend the seminar. The seminars are designed to help those who are local and newly eligible for Medicare to understand everything they need to know about Medicare, what they are eligible for and how it works.

The Turning 65 Advisor also wishes to announce the launch of a new website that highlights their founder and principal advisor, Brent M. Crawley. Whether clients need help with their retirement or other resources, this website is here to help.

For more information on the seminar and other services offered, visit the website of The Turning 65 Advisor or call 623-289-3007.

About the Turning 65 Advisor: The Turning 65 Advisor is a firm who is dedicated to representing the needs and choices of those who are on Medicare. They are experienced and knowledgeable of  the many programs and packages that are available to seniors who are eligible for Medicare. Brent M. Crawley has more than 13 years of experience to offer.

Company: The Turning 65 Advisor
Address: 10559 N. 99th Ave. Suite 2
City: Peoria
State: AZ
Zip code: 85345
Telephone number: 623-289-3007
Email address: info@theturning65advisor.com